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Resale Package Information

Getting ready to sell your property in Tower Shores?

Once you have a ratified contract, your potential buyers need to receive a package from Tower Shores for transferring ownership.  The cost to you will be $100/per package, which is why you wait until under contract.  The costs is usually paid at closing by the settlement company from your proceeds.  By law, your buyers have a few days to review the package and have the right to be released from your contract if they disagree with our by-laws and regulations.  Your realtor will request this package early in the process to end that contingency so that your contract is vested, or ratified without buyers having an out to the contract.  To obtain the entire package, please send a request or have your realtor send a request to the board by clicking the "Contact" menu.  We will need all contact information and closing date.  Please note, failure to obtain this package will lead to a lien being placed on the unit, which will leave you, the seller, open to liability.

Wishing you the best of luck in the sales process.