Our Summer Manager, Adam Rashidi, will contact police, owners, and rental agencies when owners/guests/tenants violate Delaware & TSBA beach rules or are a noise nuisance. Summer Manager’s cell: 410-279-1615 (9 am – 9 pm).


There is no public parking in Tower Shores.

  • Illegally parked cars will be towed.
  • Our roads are fire lanes – therefore no parking is permitted on them.
  • Please observe the maximum car parking limit for your unit.
  • Please do not park in other units – you must use your assigned spaces.
  • If towed, please call Coastal Towing 302-645-6300 to collect your car.

Please keep our private beach Safe and Clean for all to enjoy!

  • No smoking on the beach at any time.
  • Please take your trash off the beach to your house trash cans. We are a “carry in carry out” beach.
  • No fires on the beach at any time.
  • No fireworks are allowed at any time – it’s Delaware State law!
  • No overnight sleeping or camping on the beach.
  • No glass containers on the beach.
  • No fishing on the beach at any time. Please use the State Park beach to the North of us.
  • Please take all chairs, umbrellas and tents/canopies off the beach each night.

Sand Dunes protect our community. Please stay off the dunes and remind others of their importance.

Dogs We love them but:

  • they are not allowed on any swimming beach by Delaware state law, 5/1 through 9/30 – in effect 24 hours per day. (You can use the fishing beach north of us.)
  • they must be on leash at all times even if they obey voice commands.
  • their owners must clean up after their dogs throughout the community, including along the highway.

Noise – Any disruption that significantly interrupts the quiet enjoyment of neighbors is prohibited from midnight to 8 AM. This includes but is not limited to: barking dogs, music devices, TV’s, voices, vehicles, and musical instruments.

Breakwater Beach to our south is a private beach. Walking through Breakwater is permitted; sitting or playing on Breakwater Beach is not.